The Shark

Teaches Selling to Serve

I GROW sales people and create sales leaders! 

My speaking career has given me the wonderful opportunity to work hands on with many sales organizations around the world. I have come across some of the brightest and best sales superstars out there. Jeremiah Sarkett has not only set a new standard in sales industry, he revolutionalizes what sales is all about.

Matt Mayberry
Keynote Speaker | Author | Performance Expert

Jeremiah came into both my business and mine and my family's lives six months ago. In short summary, these six months have been *the* most productive ever in my career and my most enjoyable and successful as a business owner. 

Gareth Everson
Creating Software To Grow Businesses ⇨ Let’s Connect!

Jeremiah Sarkett is one of the best sales architects that I have had the pleasure of working with. He won back my business and continues to offer assistance beyond and above the call of duty. He understands the first critical success factor of "adding value" and exceeding expectations.

Deborah Owens
America's Wealth Coach™|Brand Ambassador |Financial Wellness| Corporate Trainer| Keynotes| Workshops|

Harness the power of a proven sales coach to take control and accelerate your sales process! Sell like a Shark and lead like a Lion!

Sales techniques, strategies and mindset to ignite your performance! 

Sales Coach

EVERYONE needs a sales lighthouse! A dedicated coach perfect for sales executives, mid-level sales managers and sales professionals

Sales Boot Camp

These are tailored and designed for three specific groups: entry level sales, professional sales and sales leaders

Sell to Serve

Is THEEEE sales course! We don’t close people, we open them up – this is Selling to Serve! The complete course from start to finish!

Who's got your back?

In the trenches...real work!


Here’s my story:

I work with businesses and sales professionals to build and execute sales strategies to help connect with prospects and customers through automation, digital marketing and true sales process. It starts with a mindset and culture based on sales performance and excellence. You could say I help create consultative sales professionals that are passionate, highly skilled and that endure. Got sales grit in your organization? Many people that know me call me Shark, here's why:

  • Agility – The ability to work and lead through change
  • Tenacity – Never give up, never give in, stay the course
  • Grit – Passion with focus and endurance, inner strength
  • Style – Shades on, hustle game check, fitness focus, own your day

In my current leadership role at Infusionsoft an award winning SaaS company that focuses on small business growth and success, I am responsible for helping develop and strengthen our partner sales channel. I work with some of the best marketers, sales drivers and entrepreneurs in the world!

I am a firm believer in sales mentoring and development. Who’s working with you maters and counts big-time! I have had the pleasure to work with some of the top sales organizations and leaders and why they are constantly on top are because of two primary factors:

  • A core leadership model and leadership development program
  • On-going sales training

It starts with purpose and why – it’s your vision and mindset. Then it’s practice, like an athlete, drill and training with the right coach so that when YOU are in the game and have the ability to score, you score and score and score, repeatedly!

Sales is an art. It is up to us to study, to practice and refine our sales hustle and approach. To call yourself a professional, you must put in the time! In today's corporate culture and environment, the investment in sales development and training is a must. Internal programs or external vendors and experts are needed more than ever before. The dawn of the educated consumer is purging the world of the "closer" of the "sales guy!" Time to train and create a different kind of professional sales person, the best the World has ever seen! Take the next step and elevate your game and blast off!

Michale Gerber and Shark
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