The Shark

Sales Boot Camp

These are tailored and designed for three specific groups: entry level sales, professional sales and sales leaders

  • Summer camp = entry level – Confidence Training, Pronunciation and Voice Tone, Script and Role Plays, 30 Second Speech/Elevator Pitch, Voice Mail, Towards and Away, Social Selling and Social Media, LinkedIn
  • Fall camp = professional level – Confidence vs. Ego, Abundance vs. Scarcity, Cause and Effect, Towards and Away, SBSM, SBP, Quantifying Change, Cliff Dive, Time Travel, Social Selling, Role Plays, Social Media, Hot Seat
  • Winter camp = sales leaders/executive level – Customer Driven Culture First, Sales Staffing and Interviews, Compensation Models, SBSM, Teaching SBSM and On-Going Training, Social Media, Hot Seat