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Shark Shout: To the little champion himself, Victor πŸ’— The β€˜Dude’ keeps teaching me and I must as an Omni present father, learn and grow as much if not more than my guy! Proud of him, BIG steps every week. Will start posting more on my personal page. Recently he was well past naptime, and this is after a harmless milk puke episode that was a direct hit on dad, so I was a bit wtf 😲 It took some patience, some calming energy and me just wrestling him and hanging for a bit…soon enough, naptime and phew πŸ˜… Patience and the ability to β€˜catch’ signals. How are you guys doing that in your relationships and in business?

What’s on My Mind:
Mark Siermaczeski is another bad ass father and is my second in back to back interviews from the tail end of SuccessCon! I met Mark two years ago at an event I attended and sponsored with Tyler Garns and Matt Cristiano at Box out Marketing. Hands down, Mark was the star of the show. What was special was the event itself, Social Media Camp Canada in beautiful Victoria British Columbia was rad to say the least – everyone brought A-Game 😎 We made a few friends for life there. Isn’t that what it is all about? Mark is an incredible artist that has a unique ability to take words and dialogue to the canvas, in this case computer screen to create stunning caricatures. There were times during my session with Mark where it felt just like that, a session. Mark takes it to another level with people as he is a true blend of a balanced intellect and EQ. The dude gets people well, and quickly! Was I getting drawn or in a psychology session? Amazing and needs to be experienced. Two large events and both times, lines at his booth for all the right reasons! There are over 100 people that will watch this video and read my text this week that could and should entertain bringing Mark in for one of your events or team builders..

Key takeaways: Cartoonist, artwork, psychology, head and heart, currency of people, thera-caturist, present with life, transformation, purpose, passion, San Diego, SusseccCon

Mark Siermaczeski =
Cruelty Free Cartoons =

Loyalty = the quality of being loyal. A strong feeling of support and allegiance

Been thinking a lot about the term and deeper meaning. Have found some distinctive results when analyzing myself recently and loyalty to people, teams and organizations and products. The two recent car buying experiences played into this as I am very loyal to Infiniti and the Nissan family of vehicles.

We have all probably heard of the loyalty business model where company resources are developed to increase loyalty of the customer and employee. Or we have been a part of some customer loyalty program, etc. But I am interested in more of the psychology, the human element surrounding loyalty. Here is a cool, quick read that I found last week, dig in:

Of the list, which points hit home for you regarding loyalty, loyalty at a human level? Is your loyalty blinding you? Is loyalty costing you time and or money? Are you consistent with loyalty and the actions associated?

Numbers five, twelve and fifteen stood out for me!

Loyalty, an incredible trait and one of the most important in my opinion. Key word this week – loyalty πŸ’₯

#BigThree week ending 06/28:

1. Vic – BIG week for the dude as I have a little trip this week to Nashville
2. End of quarter – BIG week folks, go get it! End of the business quarter and fiscal year in Australia. Massive focus on the team and team number for a strong Q2 finish
3. Online course – Have fallen a bit behind here and need to take the next week to buckle down, am two-three weeks out roughly

We can manifest the best year of our lives — it starts with your mindset and YOU! Check your why and purpose and you can achieve anything you want! Time is certainly moving, and time is money! Savior the moments and memories while creating MORE! We’ve got to own OUR show up Team Shark – its fully on us! Dig in on some self-reflection, some self-study. Be hard on yourself but positive at the same time.

And you know it, it’s all about the fuel folks, the SALES game! Sell to Serve and bring that first impression! Go build meaningful, solid relationships #thecurrencyofpeople πŸ’΅
Be sure to keep rocking your personal fitness cadence and wellness, very key part to all of this, our health!!! Stay upbeat and optimistic, be gritty and show empathy! Smile a ton while bringing the love factor – much love you guys πŸ’— Shark is out! Go #dominate #crushyourmonday #sellingtoserve #sell2serve πŸ’ͺ😎 #babyvic #sharkdaddy #ownyourshowup