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Shark Shout: ❤ #SuperMom and little champion, Victor 💗 More on these two in the coming posts but wow 😲 Super impressive to see Erica doing her thing with Vic while I was rocking and roll on the trip. Talk about team, everyone playing a role. They both had to step up their games and elevate and they did that and then some! Also, to the work crew, to my leaders Dave and Dov. Two solid, solid leaders for me at this stage of my career. Dov was key numerous times for me while I was traveling, allowing me to fully give it my all for the partners 😃 Again, team members playing their role, driving towards a championship! Nate and Nate, bad ass support and just being there for me yo, hero like in many ways. Same to you Zo, brother! You’re such a champion to me and for me! Same to you Gareth, was great going back and forth with you. You’re a tru brother, #mot, go Leeds! Chuck, thank you also brother and congrats on the promotion! The check’ins were rad and timely; I appreciated that energy from thousands of miles away. To the partners for just crushing it with me, Singapore️ ️☑ Melbourne ☑ Brisbane ☑ Auckland ☑ Ho Chi Minh/Phu Quoc. You amaze partners, way to come together to learn, grow and to execute. It’s 100% about the results, bravo and I look forward to seeing you all again and our next mastermind! Chris, thanks for the patience and the guidance with the digital content and course, going to be great working with you – let’s rock and roll brother!

What’s on my mind:

1. Community – Business leaders, how you developing and creating a better community around and you and ultimately, the World. Here is a great example of that – you and your customers being apart of an organization like B1G1, Buy1Give1. I highly recommend Paul Dunn and this wonderful organization. I am looking at ways to partner to create even more opportunities for our partners and customers to be involved.
Another way is creating educational and networking events, no pitching or selling allowed. A great example of this is what I was apart of in Melbourne Australia at Business Authorities (BA). One of the best events I have been at, period. The value, immense, the people incredible and the long-lasting feel and connections, BOOM! Johann Nogueira and the team at BA have created something special folks, watch out! #blessed #honored
2. Global Business – This is where it is at friends, especially if you are an agile and nimble small business. With the way digital marketing and the work behind the scenes is done now, it is completely possible and real to have a business that can and does operation around the globe. Realistically your services and products need to fit into these markets or you need to be able to adapt or shift what you have already created to these new markets but doesn’t it make sense if this is where the people and the money are? Align yourself and your products to the global market. Your way of thinking and your product design and methodology. My marketing and small business friends in North America, we are pretty advanced for what is happening on a global scale, your skills and services are needed. A good handful of partners I know and work with can reach globally and are smart for doing so.
3. Check it – Check it, check you! Learned a ton about myself along this last journey and ultimately, I want to be eating my own dog food, always! The people that own the ABCs of life are dominating the ‘human’ arena as well as the business!

Blessed to have met so many terrific people on my journeys and the BA event again was over the top for me because of, the people! Dig into Jos Aguiar, a tru brother, someone that I trust and one of the best e-com, Shopfiy, web traffic guys that I know, period. Check out his podcast and tune back in as he will post ours shortly. Was rad to say the least connecting with him about sales, the long-game and how I work it…! Use his Facebook to get that content in the meantime 😉 Jos, thank you my brother, keep going and I will get you a shirt and pair of sock soon, stay tuned!



#BigThree week ending 04/19:

1. Cadence at home – Getting Vic back into his route a bit in the evening and with swim class. Started swim last Saturday and he wasn’t into it one bit, mmmmhhh baby Shark? More on what we have learned recently as a parent – been simply amazing working with Erica and Vic #teamgame
2. Group two or Selling to Serve – Getting this launched this week/asap with the team and Zo. Sales training is so vital and needed, seeing it now more than ever before #letsgo
3. Final edit and studio plan – Selling to Serve the course is ready to go, nearly, lol! Four modules, 6.5-7 hours of pure sales gold! Not priced yet but that is coming also

We can manifest the best year of our lives — it starts with your mindset and YOU! Check your why and purpose and you can achieve anything you want! Time is certainly moving and time is money! Savior the moments and memories while creating MORE!

We’ve got to own OUR show up Team Shark – its fully on us! Dig in on some self-reflection, some self-study. Be hard on yourself but positive at the same time. And you know it, it’s all about the fuel folks, the SALES game, Sell to Serve and bring that first impression! Go build meaningful, solid relationships #thecurrencyofpeople 💵
Be sure to keep rocking your personal fitness cadence and wellness, very key part to all of this, our health!!! Stay upbeat and optimistic, be gritty and show empathy! Smile a ton while bringing the love factor – much love you guys 💗 Shark is out! Go #dominate 💪😎 #babyvic #sharkdaddy #ownyourshowup #crushyourmonday #sellingtoserve #sell2serve