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Shark Shout: Happy birthday mom ❤ Hope you had an amazing day and week – cheers to you, for all that you do #SuperMom To Uncle Rob, was great seeing you and the crew in Michigan! Thank you for an amazing memorial and time 💗 To Mickey, thanks for helping me #hustle in the snow and with Victor. He loves you big-time Uncle Mick 😃

On My Mind: 100th episode on YouTube 😲 Nothing fancy here but we’ve come a long way, number 100 feels good! Consistency and show up matter –

Here’s number one #Purpose #Vision #Why

Alasdair really breaks it down, got passion?

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2019 goals are on my mind, big-time:

Excited about our goals this year…we are still working on them but as you all read this I should be there #TeamSarkett I like Victor’s goals a lot, I am challenged by a few of mine. How many of you got into Dan’s framework? Let’s go smash our goals together folks, the time is now:

Victor –
1. Swim School
a. By April
2. Advanced Learning Opportunities
a. When and where?
3. Sunday church and bible work
Family –
1. Detroit vacation July
2. San Diego vacation in September/October
3. Wise spending practices
4. Victor’s savings account and portfolio
Shark –
1. 185 lbs. with two run days per week or basketball/physical days
a. Get a bit more serious with Artie
2. Online content, Shark University done and available*
3. Invest just 5K in Wall Street and Green Rush
4. First 100+ page book written*
5. Read 5-7 books this year
6. Promotion at Infusionsoft
The * = BHAG and I am stoked about the two this year. 2019 is more simplified and achievable. I have these broken down further into stages and with a time element attached so I/we can stay on track. How are you looking with your goals, your BHAGs?

#BigThree week ending 02/01:

1. Big finish – We have been moving all month and have created the opportunity to finish. The team has moved from the storming, norming to performing stage quickly and it’s GO time this week folks #Results
2. Team game at home – Been hard lately, we’ve been just flat out. I need to slow it down a tad, get some sleep and relief for Erica and myself and make quality time for Vic to do his thing. Saturday park cadence is key
3. Trip is on my mind – Getting ready for this next BIG trip #LetsGo time for sure and I am nearly ready, need to continue to be thinking and planning ahead

We can manifest the best year of our lives — it starts with your mindset and YOU! Check your why and purpose and you can achieve anything you want! It’s 2019 folks, get your goals in place and go for it! We got to own OUR show up team, its fully on us! Dig in on some self-reflection, some self-study. Be hard on yourself but positive at the same time. And you know it, it’s all about the fuel folks, the SALES game, Sell to Serve and bring that first impression! Go build meaningful, solid relationships #TheCurrencyofPeople 💵
Be sure to keep rocking your personal fitness cadence and wellness, very key part to all of this, our health!!! Stay upbeat and optimistic, be gritty and show empathy team Shark! Smile a ton while bringing the love factor friends – much love you guys 💗 Shark is out! Go #Dominate 😎 #BabyVic #SharkDaddy #OwnYourShowUp #CrushYourMonday #SellingtoServe #Sell2Serve