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Shark Shout: To the APAC team for rocking with me and creating something special – solid finish to 2018 and we are still going! To all of our partners, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you guys and WOW, you amaze! Well done team ❤ To Matt and Lindsey, thank you for the learning, support and growth over the years. I am ecstatic for you both on your new roles and the journeys ahead. Thank you for everything! To my family and core crew, merry Christmas and what a 2018! You inspire, teach and care for me, big-time. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU 💗 Dave, thanks a ton already, let’s do this. I am eager to learn from you and achieve new heights 😃
On My Mind: Dreams, been dreaming a bit this year 😲

Some interesting reads and I am throwing this out there to all the dream weavers…similar dreams with the same handful of people? Toss me some context and your thoughts, let’s talk dreams

The #realhustle and looking ahead, 2019:

1. 2019 goal setting
2. 2019 ParnterCon
3. My next Australia and Asia trip, Feb.-March
4. Michigan trip with Victor and Erica for our birthday, March 13th-16th

Dig into Daniel Bussius’s goal setting framework and crush everything in 2019 team Shark 👊
Promo code = GOALS

Dan’s framework helped me massively in 2017, last year I did my own thing and the results speak for themselves. 2017 I hit the majority of my goals where this year, we struggled to keep pace. Set goals. Set big goals, BHAGs (BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS, GOALS). Document them, where you can see them, constantly. Talk about your goals and progress with others, with me. Don’t back down if you get behind, course correct and pivot. I look forward to talking goals with you in the coming posts!

Some rad feedback from my last #SellingtoServe group…a bit of a tech botch in module 2 with a strong bounce back with a ton of clarity…learned a lot from that but more so from the role play session 😏 A true coach always digs into the tough training, the tough conversations and I want more of this with my team and from me #leadbyexample Big stuff happening with #S2S and 2019!

#BigThree week ending 12/28:

1. Happy holiday’s and a merry Christmas with the VicMan – it has been an incredible year with him and as he grows, these times and early memories are important and I want to stick it this year for him and every! Merry Christmas my little elf
2. A massive finish – excited about the last week of the year with the crew and our new leader! My team is poised to finish strong and set the stage for an amazing 2019 together
3. Friday Shark time and vacation – I have started writing my book, am about 12 pages in…the Friday time for me is BIG as is a bit of rest and family time. I have a trip in February coming up and it’s already on my mind, I want to be Omni present with and for my family

We can manifest the best year of our lives — it starts with your mindset and YOU! Check your why and purpose and you can achieve anything you want! Wow, almost 2019 folks! Time is certainly moving and time is certainly money! We got to own OUR show up team, its fully on us! Dig in on some self-reflection, some self-study. Be hard on yourself but positive at the same time. And you know it, it’s all about the fuel folks, the SALES game, Sell to Serve and bring that first impression! Go build meaningful, solid relationships #TheCurrencyofPeople 💵
Be sure to keep rocking your personal fitness cadence and wellness, very key part to all of this, our health!!! Stay upbeat and optimistic, be gritty and show empathy team Shark! Smile a ton while bringing the love factor friends – much love you guys 💗 Shark is out! Go #Dominate 💪😎 #BabyVic #SharkDaddy #OwnYourShowUp #CrushYourMonday #SellingtoServe #Sell2Serve