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Shark Shout: To my lil brother and Barry for coming together to help provide some amazing food and support ❤ #LegacyofWes To Amanda and Ollie – for the warm, Noosa welcome to Australia, for putting me up for a few days and the awesome introduction to Timbo 💗 That’s is what life is all about, people. Truly epic for me writing this and going back in time a bit 😃 Also to my two team mates, Zo and Nate. Both of you are taking huge strides in your careers and lives and wow gentlemen to say the least! Thank you brothers, keep moving, keep kicking ass and taking names! And to our Veteran’s, happy Veteran’s Day. My family and I cannot thank you enough for your courage, commitment and sacrifice. America, let’s please come together, to serve our Veteran’s better, we must! To the free World, to the human World, respect and care for your warriors #UltimateSacrifice Thank you Veterans!

Without further ado, I bring you Timbo Reid! I was literally sweating bullets and terrified after driving two hours on the wrong side of the road (Queensland Australia) in the pitch black and had just pulled into my dear friends, Amanda Stevens’s pad, phew. Amanda and I have been close from day one, nearly six years now and I was thrilled to see her to say the least to get out of the bloody car and to get some much needed downtime over the weekend! Amanda is one of the most sought after public speakers in Australia #AwardWinner, she’s an author and entrepreneur and her and Timbo go way back #TheCircuit This part of my trip may have been the most rewarding…to finally see Amanda and Ollie and then to top it off, to have the time with Tim and to make a great new friend. Damn awesome! Tim rocks so hard. An entrepreneur, award winning speaker himself and the proud host and creator of Australia’s top podcast #SmallBusinessBigMarketingShow Dig in with your boy as we get into the fear, don’t worry, we just touch on it, lol, of getting out there and “DOING IT!” A podcast is in my future for sure and it should be on your radar as well! Dig in with Mr. Reid and Shark Daddy 👊

Tim Reid:


Key takeaways: Richmond Tigers, Hawthorn Hawks, Small Business Big Marketing Show, podcast, Noosa, your content and media platform, itunes, YouTube, self-publish, get out there, be found

On My Mind: I broke down four goals last week and I want to do the same this week with a bit more on ‘getting there’ 😲

1. Trip to Detroit and Hawaii – the year was getting away from us and it really came down to time vs. money. San Diego was amazing, and we had to do that, get away for a few days and try to see Dewey and Diane. Michigan is a go, we are doing our birthday there in early March. Hawaii will also be 2019
2. Investing – with the fall of the crypto market this year, I had to regain some trust and some small wins to help solidify what was a smart year of investing. I did not do as much with traditional Wall Street as I would have liked but I am hiring an expert to assist here and grow this side of my portfolio
3. Sunday church w/Vic – massive fail. We have not gone yet and have been talking about it for weeks, stay tuned here
4. Attend personal development session (paid) – massive fail. I had multiple shots here recently, including last Friday with Dave Ramsey and his rad team. I have one/maybe two more shots by the end of the year to hit this one

Awesome feedback last week on the trust piece, business trust and building it. Yeah, hard to listen at times, I totally get it. Put 100% of the focus there and on them and truly listening and let’s keep talking on this one friends… This read was just bad ass, read it one more time for you boy 😏 #BeAMensch

7 Ways to Build Trust in a Business Relationship

#BigThree week ending 11/16:

1. Rest and health – The year has taken a toll on our house, we are a bit tired and run down. Focus is on taking care of each other at home and resting as much as possible #NewParents
2. Selling to Serve – Mod 2 this week with the crew. Really liked how mod 1 felt, the gut feel and the feedback that rolled in was on-point and clear. The adjustments were right on and I am thrilled to be back teaching this week
3. Friday Shark time – Missed this last week and will to some extent this week as I am traveling to PTown but that should provide some downtime and focus. I don’t have this day full baked into the cadence and routine yet. Let’s see if I can get movement here by end of year #IBelieve

We can manifest the best year of our lives — it starts with your mindset and YOU! Check your why and purpose and you can achieve anything you want! Wow, almost holiday time folks! Time is certainly moving, time is money! We got to own OUR show up team, its fully on us! Dig in on some self-reflection, some self-study. Be hard on yourself but positive at the same time. And you know it, it’s all about the fuel folks, the SALES game, Sell to Serve and bring that first impression! Go build meaningful, solid relationships #TheCurrencyofPeople 💵

Be sure to keep rocking your personal fitness cadence and wellness, very key part to all of this, our health!!! Stay upbeat and optimistic, be gritty and show empathy team Shark! Smile a ton while bringing the love factor friends – much love you guys 💗 Shark is out! Go #Dominate 💪😎 #BabyVic #SharkDaddy #OwnYourShowUp #CrushYourMonday #SellingtoServe #Sell2Serve